Parametro Tipo di dato Richiesto Definizione
SessionID string Session ID which is needed to authenticate the access. It's optional and required for desktop applications only
Command string The API Command sended to the console
ResponseFormat JSON | XML Response format
JSONPCallBack bool Send this parameter for cross-domain. More info about JSONP can be found here: http: //
CampaignID integer Requested Campaign ID
RetrieveStatistics string {true | false} - If set to true, returns campaign statistics too
RetrieveTags string {true|false} - Set to true if you want to return the list of assigned tags also
Days Numeric Retrieve x days campaign statistics.
SubcriberFrom Numeric Retrieve subscriber activities from x
SubscriberRpp Numeric Number of rows for subscriber activities


Parametro Tipo di dato Definizione
Success bool States if an error has been generated during last command execution or not
ErrorCode integer The ErrorCode number, if an error has occurred. ErrorCode = 0 means no error has occurred.
ErrorText string Error description
Campaign array An array containing campaign informations


Codice Definizione
1 Missing campaign ID
99998 Authentication failure or session expired
99999 Not enough privileges