Parametro Tipo di dato Richiesto Definizione
SessionID string Session ID which is needed to authenticate the access. It's optional and required for desktop applications only
Command string The API Command sended to the console
ResponseFormat JSON | XML Response format
SmsID integer Sms id.
Type Smart | Premium Type of sms.
Sender string This is sender of sms. Type of sms must be Premium.
Body string The content of sms.


Parametro Tipo di dato Definizione
Success bool States if an error has been generated during last command execution or not
ErrorCode integer The ErrorCode number, if an error has occurred. ErrorCode = 0 means no error has occurred.


Codice Definizione
99998 Authentication failure or session expired
99999 Not enough privileges
1 Sms ID is missing
3 Sms not exist
4 Sms type is not valid
5 Sms sender is disabled.
6 Length of body exceeds 160 characters (for sms Smart) or 459 characters (for sms Premium)
2 Type parameter is required.
7 Body is required.
8 Body contain characters not valid.